Yakut Khomus (Vargan, Jews Harp) by Mikhail Maltsev with case

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Khomus with a clean, by Yakut standards, timbre. Mechanics is perfect - srokes in both direction giving equal result and feeling. 

In the khomus of the famous Yakut master Maltsev, at first glance, special attention is paid to the appearance of the instrument: clear forms, smooth surfaces, polished to a mirror shine and decorative plates make you want to just hold it in your hands. The timbre of the harp is clean and pleasant - this is one of the most harmonious Yakut khomus. The medium hard tongue confidently behaves with slow and medium play, offering almost perfect sound.

Sounds samples (c) Nikolay Sobolev

Handmade (hand forged), material of the khomus - steel. Size - approx. (mm) 95 x 37 x 5.
This khomus is made by craftsman Mikhail Maltsev (Yakutia (Sakha Republic), Russia)

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Craftsman Mikhail Maltsev
Size Big
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