Russian Vargan (Khomus, Jews Harp) "Scythian" by Dmytry Glazyrin

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The tongue is soft, it is easy to control the blows in both directions, you can play quickly and evenly on the this vargan. And the elegant laser engraving with Scythian motifs makes this jews harp attractive for an unusual gift to friends.

Compact and lightweight jews harp with a medium sound pitch, excellent sensitivity and easy handling. The timbre of the instrument is remarkable for the fact that (unlike most modern serial vargans, which cannot boast anything other than loudness and oversaturation), the mechanical shades in it are much less pronounced. They are present and noticeable, but allow you to hear more musical overtones than "burly" fellows. And any single sound, as before, automatically becomes saturated. The strikes in both directions are absolutely identical and the tongue is very stable, but a two-way movement requires the development of a rather specific trajectory - when you strike outwards, your finger tends to catch the tongue much more. In general, "Myrkay" is the best jews harp in its price category and will give lot of pleasure both to absolute novice and experienced player.

Sounds samples (c) Ivan Gnezdo 

Handmade, material of the vargan is steel. Size approx, mm: 80x25x4. This jews harp by craftsman Dmitry Glazyrin (Ural, Russia)

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Craftsman Dmytry Glazyrin
Size Small
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