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How to order at Khomus.com

1. Shopping Cart

Choose the product you would like to order by clicking the "Add to cart" button. Doing this your choice will be added to the "Shopping Cart". You can freely change your shopping cart anytime until you press the "Proceed to Checkout" button It is possible to change the quantity of the products, to remove products from the cart by clicking the "remove item" icon and to abort you checkout process. Continue to the next step by clicking "Proceed to Checkout".

2. Checkout

If you already have registered before, please just log in with your email address and your password. If not please register or proceed to "checkout as a guest". In the latter there will be no personal customer account created in our online shop. Unaffected by the way of checkout you choose, your personal data will always be handled according to protect your privacy. We will never give away you data to third parties. Click "Continue" to go the next step.

3. Billing Address

Please proof the billing address and correct it if necessary. If you want us to ship your order to another address than the billing address, please click the button "Ship to different address". Click "Continue" to go the next step.

4. Shipping Address

Please proof the shipping address and correct it if necessary. Click "Continue" to go the next step.

5. Shipping Method

When there is more than one shipping method, please choose the one you like. Information about shipping and delivery find here. Click "Continue" to go the next step. 

6. Payment Method

Please choose the method you want to pay with. Click here for an overview of available payment methods. Click "Continue" to go the next step.

7. Order Overview and Payment

On this page you see an overview of your order. Please proof and correct your data here if necessary (back to shopping cart or your account).  Finally just pay your order.  An automatic order confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.